Monday, May 6, 2013

A Blue Front Door

There's not too much background to this project, except that we wanted a blue front door!

Here's the difference from the previous rust color to the new blue.  Much more modern, bright, and fun!

The color is Loyal Blue, by Sherwin Williams.

We further enhanced the new door by replacing the kickplate with one in brushed nickel.

We also replaced the oil-rubbed bronze handleset with one in brushed nickel.  Out with brown tones, in with blue and silver!!!

There was nothing too special or challenging about painting the door or replacing the kickplate.

The handleset gave us the most trouble - the part that takes the key had to be very flat to the door, or the storm door wouldn't shut.  As it turns out, the model we had was the only one that would work, but it was $500!!!  I found the same one in brushed nickel on Ebay for $115, which was a huge savings.  We'll sell the old one on there, and maybe even come out even!

It's really started to feel like "us" around here!

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