Thursday, April 18, 2013

Painted porch swing

I went for it!  Painted the porch swing!

We've really been enjoying the porch swing since we hung it last weekend.  But it was a little on the boring side.  It also needed a coat of paint or stain to protect it from the elements.

I initially decided on yellow, but the helpful folks at Sherwin Williams warned me that yellow pigments degrade in sunlight.  My second choice was turquoise, which apparently lasts longer, so I went with that!

They also warned me that even though exterior paints hold up well outdoors, they don't always hold up well to the wear and tear you'd get from sitting on it.  They suggested using a floor paint instead - since it holds up to being walked on, it should also hold up to being sat on.  I ended up using Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Enamel in Slick Blue.

I started by giving the swing a good sanding, and used the leaf blower to get all the dust off.

I applied two coats of paint, being sure to cover every last crevice for the best durability.  That's it!  I love painting stuff because you get a lot of bang for your buck, and it's pretty hard to do wrong!

All in all, this project cost about $20 for the paint and about four total hours of time.  100% worth it!

The swing is so much more fun now and really jazzes up the bottom deck.  There's still more tweaking needed to get the deck prettied up, but this is a great start!

If you've been thinking about a painting project, this is the weekend to get started!  Sherwin Williams is offering 40% off paints and stains, and 30% off painting supplies.  The sale is April 19 - 22.


  1. It looks great with the new color! Those bench swings are so fun for summer! :)

  2. I love the color you chose. It definitely adds a fun pop of color to your porch area!

  3. I noticed it's an old post, but I was wondering what you used to paint it with. Bristle or sponge brush? And any tips on getting in between the panels?

    1. Just a basic bristle brush. Luckily my slats had some space between them so it wasn't too tricky.

  4. Did u need to prime it first tho? thankyou

    1. Nope! The floor paint worked great without priming.


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