Friday, May 17, 2013

Tips and Tricks for Potted Plants

After the disaster of trying to make a planter from stepping stones, I went back to looking for a planter for the yard that Lucky could pee on (instead of the yard plants, which were dying).

I found a cute lime green planter at Home Depot for about $20.  It's plastic, so it's lightweight and should hold up better to accidents (like being dropped).

One big problem is that it didn't have any drainage holes.

Not a problem for long!  I pulled out my drill and made a few holes in the bottom.  It seriously took all of two minutes.

The only thing with drainage holes like this, is that they sometimes get plugged up with sediment or soil.

Again, not a problem for long!  I just unfolded a coffee filter into the bottom.  If it can strain coffee out, I'm sure it can do the same for sediment and soil!  Plus it won't hurt the plants and will probably just become mulch eventually.  And, can we say CHEAP?

So, I drilled holes, added a coffee filter, then finished it off with good potting soil and plants.  I used orange begonias - they do well where I live, are very hardy, and make a nice pop of color.

{Y'all, when my parents see this post, they are going to say, "Begonias!  Bonnie HATES begonias!"  And they're right, sort of.  I really hated the look of begonias for a long time, and still don't really like them close up.  But from a distance, they're OK.  Plus all those other things I mentioned about about being hardy and colorful.}

Now we just have to train the dog to pee on it...

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