Monday, June 18, 2012

Project House!!!

If you're tired of hearing about my wedding projects, you're in luck!  Our offer on a house was just accepted, and next month the home improvement projects begin!  (If you're not tired of wedding projects, don't worry - there are still many more from my wedding and countless from friends weddings in the works.)

I thought I'd give a quick preview of some upcoming projects.

Curb Appeal

While the house overall has a nice structure, it could use some tweaking.  We plan to paint the front door, add cuter house numbers, replace the light fixture, and modify the landscaping.  Eventually we may also address the window surrounds.


The kitchen already has fabulous custom cabinets, granite countertops, and hardwood floors.  The wallpaper and drapes have GOT TO GO!  We'll also replace the blinds with similar ones in white to lighten up the room.

Living Room

The living room features awesome views and decent hardwood floors.  We'd like to sand down the gloppy-looking textured ceiling.  We'll also paint and switch out the drapes.  A challenge in this room will be arranging furniture in the narrow space so that we can enjoy a TV as well as the view.

Main Level Bathroom

The main level bathroom was absolutely shocking when we first saw it.  I think removing the wallpaper and replacing the mirror will help a lot.  The vanity is really high-end, so we'll have to evaluate it after getting the other stuff out of there.  We may end up replacing that as well.


Tommy's office has a serious wallpaper affliction (are you sensing a trend yet?).  The carpet is nice though, and so is the view!  We'll also consider sanding the ceilings in here and adding a ceiling fan.

Guest Bathroom

The bones of the guest bath are pretty good.  We'll keep the main fixtures as is, and update the wallpaper, light, mirror, and maybe the vanity.

Jacuzzi Bathroom

Our new home features a huge jacuzzi bathtub room in the basement.  The tub is amazing - it's so deep I'd be scared to fill it up!  The mirrors are a little much though.  I'm scheming up ideas for toning them down, maybe with draping.  I may also cover the mirror on the front of the tub with beadboard.  I'll finish it off with a luxurious rug, and maybe even a chandelier if I get really carried away!

Those are all our big projects!!!  I guess I won't be bored after the wedding after all!

If you have any ideas, please share in the comments!