Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kitchen Update: Shelving

When we first bought our house, there were these funny little glass shelves in our kitchen.  Mostly they collected junk and dust, and because they were glass I was scared to put my cookbooks on them.  I also broke one during the home inspection.  Whoops!

These just don't say "pile books on me"

To make this area more functional, we decided to put in sturdier shelving.

We kept the adjustable sides and corresponding brackets, and simply cut pieces to length.  What we ended up using for the MDF was a closet shelf.  At $13 each, and no paint necessary, cutting a shelf seemed like a wonderful idea.

To keep the MDF from splintering, we wrapped the cut line in tape.  It helped some, but there was still some splintering.  No biggie though - with all my cookbooks loaded on you wouldn't be able to see the cut edges anyways!

Tommy loves helping on projects where he gets to use power tools!

We slipped the new shelves in and loaded them up!

Now the little space is much more functional, and I have my cookbooks within easy reach.

I was a little worried about the sunlight from the windows ruining the color on the covers, and then I decided not to care about it.  The insides are the best part anyways!

All in all, this project was $26 - just the cost of the two shelves we cut up.  Everything else we already had!  The five cuts were crazy easy.  Definitely a project I would do again!

Kitchen Storage Love!

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  1. Oh, that looks really cute! I'd be scared to put cookbooks on the glass ones too. Plus I'm a total klutz :) Well done!


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