Monday, March 25, 2013

Kitchen Update: Plantation Blinds

After four months of having our kitchen wide open to the public (you know, after we tore out the existing blinds without a plan for replacement), we can finally get a little privacy!  It had gotten so bad that Tommy was cooking in the dark just so the neighbors wouldn't look at him at night.

I had big plans to make roman shades for the kitchen, but for a variety of reasons I'll cover in an upcoming FAIL post, they didn't work out.

Our backup plan was to order plantation blinds.  We tried Next Day Blinds, but they wanted $450 for two windows.  Um, no.  I had used Just Blinds for my condo, and have been happy with those.  Upon further investigation, I was also quite happy with the $150 price tag.  66% less?  I'll take it!

I wanted to mount the blinds inside the windows, but they're not set back - they're flush with the wall, so that was a nonstarter.  Then I wanted to hang them from the wall above the window so as not to drill holes into our brand new trim.  But if they were attached to the wall, they wouldn't hang out far enough to clear the trim.

Finally we decided to just attach them straight to the trim.  Rather, through the trim.  I wasn't confident the trim was hung securely, so we used 2.5" screws to go through the trim and into the studs.

My own stud did all the heavy lifting and usage of power tools.  I got to take photos and hand him stuff!

They definitely took longer than the promised 25 min. each to hang, but that was due to a special circumstance.  Our pretty new trim isn't flat!  And if you screw things onto it, they flop over at an angle.  Some well-placed shims got everything back on track, but it took a few attempts to get there.

And now we have blinds!

After four months of waiting and two hours of labor, we are smitten!  They make the kitchen feel like a finished room.  The clean simpleness of them meshes well with the rest of the house.  And now I can make coffee in my pajamas!

One more before and after, and a deep sigh of satisfaction :)

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