Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hexie Eye Spy Quilt for Penelope

I just finished up another eye-spy quilt, this time for little Miss Penelope!  She was born in June, but I got a little behind, and then I decided to deliver it in person, so you're seeing it a little late.  Sorry!

This one came out sooo cute!  I found the fabric during my spring trip to the Los Angeles Fashion District, at this great shop called Michael Levine's.  I can't remember if they're all from the same line, but the birds are from the Hello Birds line by Riley Blake and came in several color ways, and also in flannel, which I chose for the back.  The stripes and dots were super adorable and matched perfectly.  I went with turquoise for the triangles to add another pop of color.

Every hexagon (quilters call them "hexies") is cut from a different fabric, and I chose this set especially for Penelope.  There's South Carolina where she was born, cats and dogs for her pets, her parents alma maters, etc. etc. 

Pretty soon, she can spend lots of tummy time on this quilt, but later she can snuggle in it, learn to count and match, and make up stories about the pictures.

I made one for her older sister two years ago, and actually had it when I finished this one because I was mending a small tear.  I love how they kind of coordinate!  Looking closer, they even have a few of the same images!

It was really special getting to make this quilt for Penelope.  While I was sewing, I kept thinking about her and her family, and sending them my best wishes!  Welcome Penelope, and Happy Birth Day!

Interested in making one of these yourself?  I offer a kit on my Etsy page that can get you started without having to buy and cut 100 different hexagons!


  1. They are gorgeous! Emily still loves the one you guys did for her when she was born! So many different learning / fun levels on them!!

  2. Love your quilts. Any chance I could get your pattern without the hexies. I've been collecting fabrics for 12 months so I just need the instructions.

  3. LOVE this!! You must have an amazing stash of fabric!! Jeal! ;-) I'll for sure check out your etsy shop if I decide to make my own eye spy quilt - yours is a treasure.


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