Monday, April 22, 2013

What's Up Granola Bar?

Weird title?  Not to me!  When Tommy and I first started dating, I was the "crunchiest" person he knew - mainly because I recycled regularly and liked to pick my own blueberries from local farms.

"Crunchy granola" led to "granola bar", and he adopted the nickname for me.  Every time he'd call me, he'd open with, "What's up, granola bar?"

I loved it!  In fact, I was so smitten that three years later I married him.

Fast forward to present day, and I've been wanting to hang a piece of art in the kitchen.  Photographs seem weird in our kitchen, and none of our current art seems to fit the space, so I started considering typography.  Typography is essentially words written pretty and used as art (not the real definition, but how I'm using it here).

Granola bars are food, and food comes from the kitchen, so the idea of framing "what's up granola bar?" seemed like a fun idea.

I typed some stuff up, added lots of fun color, and threw it in an IKEA frame.

Tommy hated it.

He had in mind a more loopy font - one that at first glance wouldn't look like words.  He was also in favor of a single color.  He has pretty good taste, so I trusted him on this one.

I went back to the drawing board (i.e., powerpoint).  I downloaded about a dozen loopy fonts, and tried them all our with the text.  The winner was a font called Roskrift Clean.

Regular ol' computer paper looked junky once framed, so I used some higher-quality paper left over from when we made our wedding booklets.

I loved it on the first print-out, so I put it in the IKEA frame and hung it up.  Perfect!

Some of our visitors don't get it, but that's OK with me.  99% of days, we're the only ones who see it, and it makes us happy to remember those early days of our courtship.

If you count my time searching for fonts, this project took about two hours.  If you already have cute fonts, it would take about 15 minutes.  The paper and ink were essentially free, and the frame was $10.  So for $10 and two hours, I have new art in the kitchen that makes me smile.  Sounds like a good project to me :)

PS: Does anyone know why IKEA makes a white frame with an off-white mat inside?  It bugs me a little to have different whites next to each other, so I'm considering taking some water colors to the mat.  Think it would help?

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