Monday, July 8, 2013

1st Anniversary + Cool Wedding Gift Idea

Tommy and I celebrated our first anniversary over the weekend!  My goodness, a year went by fast!  We had a great couple of days, much of them spent remembering how much fun our wedding was and how happy we are to be married to each other!

Friday night we kicked off our celebration with fancy champagne and year-old wedding cake (which was actually pretty tasty still!) on our deck.

Then we headed out to a swanky restaurant, which gave me a great excuse to wear my now-blue wedding reception dress!  The restaurant is just across the lake from our house, and our neighbors knew we were there, so they lit off a few leftover fireworks for us!  Sooo romantic!

Saturday we went for a bike ride, then to the Nationals game, where we saw our first dance song performed live by Thompson Square!  After the game we explored the new Yards Park near the Nats stadium in Navy Yard.  Wow, has that place changed!  If you're looking for something new and different to do in DC, I highly recommend taking a picnic over there. 

Sunday we did lots of house chores, but finished the weekend off with our very first grilled pizza (in the rain, whoops), and a very special bottle of wine.

Is this not the coolest wedding gift?!?  Our friends gifted us 12 bottles of Anniversary Wine, one each for years 1-10, another for year 15, and a another for year 20!  To top the cool factor, it was also incredibly delicious.  I can't wait to try it over the years as it matures.

We got out our Little Black Journal of Wineand refreshed ourselves on how to evaluate a wine.

Then we applied our new skills to our Anniversary wine, and made sure to take careful notes.  In the future, we can compare it as it matures!

Such a fun, local, special weekend with the love of my life!


  1. How awesome! Sounds like a very special weekend!

  2. Happy Anniversary Guys!

    Love Dave and Julia.

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