Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Ribbon Wands

This is the last Wedding Wednesday post!  Next week I'll wrap up the series, and the week after that, I'll share our whole wedding.

But this week it's ribbon wands!

We went through a number of ideas for an exit, from sparklers (illegal) to glow necklaces to grits!  We settled on ribbon wands, an idea I stole from Megan and Sam (hi guys!)

My parents prepped everything, and my Mom's family assembled them the week before the wedding (thank you!!!).

They used 1/2" wooden dowels.  They come four feet long, and my Dad cut them into four pieces, each a foot long with PVC pipe cutters.  I bet you could also use a saw or even garden snips.

We considered staining or painting them, but it was so close to the wedding that we decided not to worry about it.

My Aunt Cathy and cousins cut 1/2" ribbons the length of the dining table they were working at (about four feet long), and tied a pair of mismatched ribbons to the end of each dowel.  They secured the ribbon with a dot of glue.

At the church, they arranged the ribbon wands in cool flower vases at the back of the church.  My lovely bridesmaids handed them out to guests as they exited the church after the ceremony.

Everyone lined up, and got ready for us to come out!

When we came out, it was so amazing.  There was this tunnel of people we loved, cheering and waving these ribbons.  Then we turned the corner, and there was another whole tunnel of loved ones!  Then there was another turn, and even more friends and family.  It was one of our favorite moments of the entire day, to see everyone we love cheering us on.

Thanks to everyone for their help with the ribbon wands, and a very special thanks to everyone waving them moments after our vows!

They also made an appearance in our photo booth!

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