Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sofa Facelift

Teleworking today, I finally reached the end of the rope with my sad, saggy, sofa.  It was a $100 craigslist find that I got when I moved into my current place.  An extra $50 on overstock.com for a slipcover, and I was in business.  It even has a hide-a-bed!

But after more than a year of abuse, it needed some help, clearly. 

Sad saggy sofa

My first order of business was making the cushions tighter in their cases.  I took in about 6" of fabric on both the inner pillow and the pillow case.  Because I was going to slipcover it, it didn't matter how good it looked.

taking up the pillow insert
taking up the pillow case

Aside from saggy pillow, I also hate it when the cushions slowly slide off the sofa.  You know, when the bottom one pops out the front, then the back ones slide down into the sofa?  I hate that.

My lovely mother recently sent me about a yard of 2" velcro, so I got that out and got to work.  I applied the soft side to the sofa in six places (so any overnight guests using the fold-out bed wouldn't feel scratchy places).  I put two on the bottom cushions to keep the from slipping out, and four on the back to keep my now-poufy cushions high and tight!  I sewed them to the sofa by hand and to the cushions with my sewing machine.  The thread was mismatched and it looked terrible, but again nobody's going to see it so who cares.

bottom cushion velcro
top cushion velcro
Then I reassembled the couch!  What do you think?

so much better!!!
After a run through the wash on hot, with a few tablespoons of oxyclean, the slipcover was good as new, too!



  1. wow, you worked miracles!

  2. Wow it's like you have a brand new couch! I'm really impressed!

  3. A week later, and the sofa looks the same! The facelift worked!!!


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