Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Project Girl's Holiday Wish List

I've been seeing a lot of imaginative and inspiring wish lists going up on the internet lately, so I thought I'd add one for the DIYers.

1) DIY envelope template - $15.  I've been musing about making my own cards, and I think it would be really fun to make my own envelopes to go with them!

2) Packs of cool paper - $10.  I'll need fun papers to make those sweet envelopes.

3) Dremel tool - $132.  Useful not only for trimming the dog's nails, but we've also been using these to carve messages in rocks and signs on our family farm.  In the product description, it can also be used as a planer, to sharpen yard tools, as a screwdriver, and more.

4) Cute cork boards - $DIY.  So I can hang up my inspiration photos in plain sight!

5) Dress form - $169.  I've been dreaming up outfits I want to sew, but it's REALLY hard to pin things on yourself!  This one is great because you can adjust it to your measurements, and change it if you are making things for friends.

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