Sunday, December 18, 2011

Recycled Bobbin Christmas Ornaments

While working on my recent Shirt Stripes Quilt for Tommy, I produced a number of empty bobbins.  I love to reuse items, and I thought these would be cute turned into Christmas ornaments for my Mom.  We both collect ornaments to commemorate travels and special events in our lives, so I'm making these to commemorate The Year She Made My Wedding Dress, as well as her growing quilt business.

To jazz them up I applied a nice thick coat of glitter.  To do this, I painted on a generous coat of craft glue and then liberally sprinkled with glitter.

Once dry, I applied a coat of spray-on polyurethane in an effort to keep the glitter from rubbing off.

Next I wrapped the bobbins in pretty colors of embroidery floss.  Blue is my Mom's favorite color, "Bonnie Pink" for the wedding, and burgundy just because it looked Christmasy.

To finish them off, I strung a handful of coordinating beads above and below the bobbin, and ta da!  Cute ornaments for my Mom!

DIY Recycled Bobbin Christmas Ornaments

Disclaimer: Maizie over at Chic Done Cheap was the creative mind behind the glitter and beads.  Also, this project took wayyyy longer than I had anticipated, and overtook my kitchen table for more than a week.  So just because it sounds quick and easy, doesn't necessarily mean it is!  Love you Mom!

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