Friday, December 30, 2011

Recovered Chairs

I'm visiting my Mom's side of the family this week, and we're all staying at my uncle's bachelor pad.  He's putting his house on the market soon, so all the women in my family decided to give his place a little facelift while we're here.

His dining set was in need of some serious help.  The aunts took my uncle to the fabric store and helped him pick out a masculine fabric that would coordinate with his house.  The fabric even had a resistant pretreatment.  They got about 2 yards of fabric for six chairs.

The only other materials needed were ugly chairs, scissors, and a staple gun.

We first wiped down the chairs with some general cleaner to get a fresh base.

Then we unscrewed the seat from the chair.

Next we cut squares of fabric large enough to wrap completely around the seat, making sure the stripes were both centered and straight.

Putting slight pressure on the fabric, we then stapled the fabric on the straight edges of the seat.  To finish up, we wrapped the fabric around the corners and stapled that down too.  We didn't worry about it looking nice underneath, because nobody is ever going to see it!

To finish it up, we screwed the seats back onto the chairs.

About 2 hours of labor and $22, and the dining chairs look nice and new!  My uncle was amazed how easy it was to get a new look.

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