Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspiration: Blue and White Wedding Bouquets

Another post for a project I'm working on for a soon-to-be-wed friend!

Her colors are black and white, with hints of sapphire blue.  I'm ordering flowers in bulk and constructing the bouquets the day before the wedding.  Let's just hope I can make enough fridge space for all the flowers!

I've never made a bouquet before, but I watched a few videos on youtube!  Doesn't that count?  No worries, I'll practice before the big shipment of flowers arrives!

Here are some inspiration photos I'll use:

Has you ever ordered bulk flowers online?  Have you ever tried making bouquets?    It seems pretty straightforward, but any insight would be much appreciated!

Update: The flowers came out beautifully.  Check them out here!


  1. those colors are beautiful, and the only hints I know are from TV.
    They pack the bouquet into their hand, wrap it tight and then trim off the bottoms. they should be lovely!

  2. I have... both fresh and dried/fake flowers... It seemed to me that less is more in the types of flowers and greenery you have. Trying to fit in too many types of flowers was much more difficult. And, most importantly, I always needed way more than I thought I would. To make a full bouquet you need a ridiculous quantity of flowers!!


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