Wednesday, June 22, 2011


A new project!  Create a blog.

I've been thinking of blogging for a while now, but now I'm finally taking the leap!  I was having trouble finding a focus, but the idea of writing about my "projects" is appealing because it can encompass so many different areas.

I love projects.  I'm not the kind of person who enjoys sitting still or relaxing; instead, I like moving around and being productive.  My job doesn't really allow me to see short-term results, or even tangible results at all, so crafting things with my hands in my free time helps to balance my need for this.  Nothing feels better than a completed project, a job well done.

I plan to write about all sorts of projects I engage in.  This might be as simple a new recipe, or as complex as a kitchen remodel.  I'll probably include a fair share of sewing projects, as well as a lot of home improvement projects.  But I hope to provide fun pictures, a realistic take on the rewards and p.i.t.a. (pain in the butt) costs of projects, directions so you can try some yourself, and more than anything, inspiration to get started on your own bevy of projects.


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