Monday, July 11, 2011

Projects Weekend

I spent the majority of this past weekend doing, what else?  Projects!!!  Let's just say that Tommy's been getting to spend plenty of time with the guys!

Unfortunately, I can't share much about my projects with you just yet because all of them are gifts.  Never fear though, I will definitely blog about them in the future.

Friday night I worked until 1:00AM on a project for the highly anticipated arrival of Richard and Lisa's baby!  It's so much fun to think about what she's going to be like, and how loved she's going to be, while working on a gift for her : )

Saturday I hit what felt like half a dozen craft and fabric stores to shop for supplies for two projects for said baby, Tommy's birthday quilt, and Lauren's wedding flowers.  Don't worry, Chic Done Cheap, I had my coupons!!!  I spent the remainder of the day sewing, and I prepped all the vases for Lauren's wedding while watching episodes from season two of "24".

Sunday was more sewing!

I'd like to comment here that I find sewing super relaxing.  My Mom is a seamstress, and I've been hearing the whir of her sewing machine since I was in the womb.  I bought an identical model when I went off to college, so I'm still getting that same whirring 26 years later!  It's also nice to be able to call her up and have her walk me through maintenance and repair jobs, since she has the exact same machine in front of her.

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