Monday, June 27, 2011

Know Your DIY Limits

I saw an article today on Apartment Therapy that really hit home: Do You Know Your DIY Limits?

Most of the time my projects turn out ok, but I almost always run into a few unexpected snags along the way.

For instance:
  • Just as we started installing the wood floors in my condo, I turn to my Mom and ask, "You've used a circular saw before, right?"  Mom: "No, I always held the board for your Dad.  You've done it though, right?"  Me: "Nope, I always held the board for Dad.  There's a first time for everything?"
  • Discovering that the studs in my condo were metal while trying to cut the wall (tin snips and many hours of labor fixed that)
  • I have never ever in my life made a piece of clothing that I will wear.  Thankfully, my prom date was willing to wear the suit I made for him, but my Mom helped a lot so it probably doesn't count.

I'll be sure to let you know how future projects turn out and hold up.  It's an important aspect of projects to consider before you decide to jump in!

Have you ever had a DIY project disaster?

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