Friday, June 24, 2011

Installing a Sink Faucet

We threw my boyfriends birthday party at his parents house.  The night before the party, their kitchen sink faucet busted and was completely unusable.  Understandably, his Mom was frantic about it, even more so after a plumber quoted her $250, just for the labor!

I'm of the mindset that most home improvement projects can't be that hard to do.  Besides, even if you screw it up and have to do it twice, it's still cheaper than hiring it out.  So I volunteered us to fix it!

It took two hours to remove the old faucet because the nuts were rusted onto the bolts.  We finally loosened it up enough so that we could get bolt cutters around it to just cut it off.  The look on his Mom's face when we cut her faucet in half with bolt cutters was priceless!  It was also a lot more fun that painstakingly messing with nuts and bolts like we did for the first hour and a half.  The worst part of removing a faucet is having your head stuck in a cabinet for hours.

Installing the new faucet was super easy!  All we did was follow the instructions in the packaging!  Tommy and I have decided that when tackling projects, he's assigned the brute force tasks, and I get the precision tasks.  So he tightened the fixture down, and I got to do the water hookups.

When messing with plumbing, the most important factor is to make sure nothing is leaking!!!  I always use lots of teflon tape, and check it again and again in the hours and days after installation.

In the end, we saved enough money to fund the birthday party and got to look like pros in front of the family

Have you tackled a DIY home improvement project that you previously knew nothing about?  How did it turn out?


  1. I have moved my showerhead to 3 different apartments! That's the extent of my experience since I'm only a renter :(

  2. Ha ha, I do the same thing! A quality shower head is crucial!


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