Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flower Girl Baskets (with exchangable liners)

Pre-Easter, I was so certain that I would be able to walk into any store and find pretty white baskets that would be perfect for my flower girls.  That wasn't the case.  They were all too big, too small, too colorful, or the handles were too long.  Eventually I settled on the one you see above.

Obviously the Easter theme had to go, so I decided to replace the liners with ones that match my wedding.  The cool thing about these particular baskets is that replacing the liners is super simple (and cheap), so I can pass them along to friends or family for their weddings (I'm looking at you, future sister-in-law!).

My Mom disassembled the original basket liners, and laid them on top of the new fabric as a pattern.

She used their same sewing technique, where inside the basket the seams would be hidden, and they would also be hidden on the outside, once the excess was folded around the basket.  This means that not all the seams are on the "right" side of the fabric.  I know.  Confusing.

To make the edges cute and allow them to tie, she used coordinating grosgrain ribbon.

I used a the Clover Flower Frills size medium template and scraps from the flower girl dresses to make the cloth carnations.  It's SUPER easy, and a great use of scraps!  You simply fold the template around the fabric, snip the end, and thread it onto a string. 

Add 10-15 of these, then stitch them all together.  Fluff it up a little, and you've got a cute flower!

It took us about two hours to make five complete baskets.  We used fabric from the bolt we got for the flower girl dresses, and I used scraps from cutting out the dresses to make the flowers.  

I can't wait to see those cutie pie flower girls with their baskets!

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