Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coral Neckties

If you haven't already noticed, our wedding colors are navy and coral.  Surprisingly, it was my Dad who suggested the navy suits (we found great ones at Macy's) with white shirts!  And they look awesome!  However, good luck finding a decent coral tie.

the boys suit shopping (that tie was too bubble gum pink)

Apparently the men's fashion industry hasn't heard that coral is a hot color this year, because coral ties are nowhere to be found!  They make plenty of wonderful true-pink, red, and orange ties in a variety of shades, weaves, and prints, but no coral.

We eventually got lucky and found a handful that work, but I thought I'd share my hard-sought collection of options with you (seriously, we're talking 10+ hours of google searching for these babies).  Because I had to order 10 ties (one groom, six groomsmen, two Dads, and a ring bearer), I kept my budget under $25 per tie.  Lucky for you, most of them are even less than that!  My best advice: skip the mall, go straight to google, and order/return until you find what works!

Don't take the following the wrong way.  All the ties were great, they just didn't match the other colors we had chosen.

"Coral" ties that were a bit on the red side for us:

"Coral" ties that were a bit too orange:

"Coral" ties that were too bubblegum pink:

"Coral" tie that was too peachy:

Coral ties with patterns (Tommy decided he liked the solid ones better):

And finally, solid coral ties!  These colors all looked super with our other wedding choices.

My home experience:
These are four returns (red #2, orange #1 and #3, peach) and our final choice (coral #3)

Also, I have some great things to say about some of the companies (and they don't even know it!):
  • Solid Color Neckties has a fabulous selection with the lowest prices.  They even offer matching pocket squares, boy's ties, long ties, you name it.  And fast shipping!  Ultimately, this is who we went with.
  • The Tie Bar also has great prices and selection, with skinny, long, and boys ties (and they come recommended by our most fashionable groomsman).
  • That said, I didn't have a bad experience with any of them, so happy shopping!

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  1. Very useful, thanks. I'm also looking for coral pink ties for the groosmen to match the bridesmaids' dresses...

  2. i too have been looking for coral ties for my wedding in the fall. i chose one of your patterned options and am thrilled that you took the time to put this together.

    thanks much

    1. I'm glad all my research was helpful! Have a lovely wedding :)

  3. thanks, this is so very useful as am struggling to get coral ties for my wedding.

  4. This has been so useful! Thank you!!


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