Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding RSVP Map

I saw these adorable map save-the-dates while skimming blogs for wedding ideas, and really wanted to use the idea.  I love the idea of making your guests feel special, and including them in our invitation suite seems like a great idea.  Unfortunately, the artist is no longer accepting orders!

I contacted a few artists through etsy, and tried finding talented friends on facebook, but I either came up empty or couldn't afford it.  So what did I do?  Tried making them myself!

I've never tried graphic design before, but I took a photoshop class ten years ago in high school, so how tough could it be???

Well, I failed at photoshop.  Completely.  I simply cannot figure out that program.  However, my years in the cube farm have taught me a thing or two about using powerpoint, so I thought I'd try that instead.

After the usual trial and error, a few hours of labor, and some feedback from my lovely bridesmaids, I came up with this map.  I managed to represent almost all our invited guests (though there would be a thick line from Northern Virginia if it were accurate), by drawing lines from their homes to our wedding city.  I think it's a really fun map, and I can't wait to send them out.

I'm going to print these at home as postcards to use as our wedding RSVPs.  Postcards are a big money saver due to the cheaper printing and postage, and are greener too.

I was pretty proud of myself on this one!  I've never tried such a thing before!  But, I saved a lot of money and produced a personalized wedding RSVP I'm really happy with!

So I'll say it again, don't sell yourself short - just muster up some courage, give it a try, and you might surprise yourself!

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