Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here Comes the Bride DIY Sign

A month before our wedding, we'll be celebrating the nuptials of Tommy's best friend!  His fiance and I have very similar tastes about weddings, and I've been loving all her ideas!  Recently we made a "Here Comes the Bride" sign for her ring bearer to carry down the aisle.  So cute!!!

our inspiration

She's going for a rustic feel, so she used reclaimed wood from shipping pallets.  (Green, and saves green, too!)  The letters were made with basic stencils from the craft store.  FYI, they have some really awesome stencils out there these days!  Who knew?

We ran into a few snags getting the paint right.  We tried a stain first, but it ran and looked smudgy.  Then we  tried flat wall paint in her wedding color, but it was too watery.  It also didn't give enough contrast for the letters.

Finally we settled on black craft paint applied with these paintbrushes called "spouncers" which is basically a round sponge on a stick.  They helped tremendously with the paint bleeding around the edges.  The wood was rough, so we still had some bleed around the edges, but I thought it added to the look!

She's going to let it "weather" outside for a while to give it an even more rustic feel, then finish it off by hanging the sign on a ribbon.  I can't wait to see it walk down the aisle, followed by a beautiful friend!

In all, this project took about one hour, $5 in supplies, and was super easy.  Can't beat that!

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