Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY Bridesmaid Jewelry - Earrings

I started making jewelry when I was about eight years old - putting together simple earrings to sell in my Mom's clothing store.  Since then, I've designed and made lots pieces for myself, as gifts for others, and to sell!

I have this idea for my bridesmaids to all wear different yet coordinating dresses in a color my best friend calls "Bonnie Pink."  It's kind of a watermelon/coral shade of pink.  Rather than give the girls paint swatches or something, I figured I would go ahead and make their earrings, and they can use them as color inspiration!

They'll be able to pick/design whatever dress and shoes they want, and I hope the overall effect will be whimsical and fun.  And it's not my fault if they can't wear the dress again!  They're picking it out!  Given that many of them are still in school of some degree, I'm also hoping this will be budget-conscious.  Better yet, my Mom offered to make them if they want.  I see guest blogs in the future!

I chose a variety of beads in different shades, shapes, and textures that I'm hoping will be good inspiration.

I put each bead on a head pin first, then attached them all to a short chain so they dangle nicely.

It's really simple!  Like all my projects, it took some trial and error to get them looking nice, but I like the end product!

I'm a strong believer in good presentation, so I put them on little cards in coordinating colors to show them off pretty.

This was a quick (< 2 hours), fun, easy, and functional project, and I hope my girls love them!  I can't wait to see what dresses they pick out!

If you love the earrings but aren't up to DIYing them, check out my shop on etsy!

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