Friday, October 28, 2011

More Wedding Project Inspiration

Bouquets - I think I've decided to make my own bouquets!  I have some practice now, and with help from my bridesmaids it should go quickly.  I'll make them the morning before and they should stay fresh enough!  I might have to get someone from my Dream Team (Mom's friends and sisters) to make the boutonnieres on our wedding day though.

Here Comes the Bride - I would love for our flower girls to carry a sign like this.  I think I can iron on letters, then sew fabrics like I'm using in the rest of the decor around the border to bring it all together!

Art - Tommy and I have a few cute sayings that we frequently use with each other.  I would love to put them in a cool font, print, and frame them.  They are "I love you Moore", "You're the love of my life", "What's up Granola Bar?", and probably a few more I can't think of right now.  Maizie made some cute things like this recently, and I love the idea!  I think these would be adorable both as decor at our wedding and at our home.  (Hint hint, maybe a good wedding gift???)
Honey Bee Printable from Chic Done Cheap

Buttons - I want to make buttons for people to wear so everyone knows who they are!  I made a lot of these in high school back when I thought it was cool to have a lot of "flair" on my backpack, so it'll be fun to get out the badge-o-matic again!

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