Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Living Room Update: Sofa

I'm not just here to brag on our new sofa - I also want to share that the right sofa can make an awkward room feel normal again.

We have a weird-shaped living room.  It's 20' x 12 ', has an entire wall of sliding glass doors (with a spectacular view), and can be seen from everywhere on the main floor.  The TV can only be hung on the short walls.  See how awkward it was before?

Those specs left me with sort of a design challenge.  Split the room?  It's kind of small.  Add more chairs?  Looks cramped.  Sit a long way from the TV?  Then he'll want a bigger one.

We weren't really planning on replacing our sofa - our premarital one was good enough.  Or so we thought, until we both got the flu (the one that's like a cold that makes you want to die) for a week and spent most of it on the couch.  After a week on the couch, we concluded it was too small and too uncomfortable, and it had to go, like now.  Luckily, it also coincided with the time of year sofas go on sale!

Once we were over the flu for about a week, we hit the furniture stores.  We ended up finding the sofa of our dreams, on sale, at Arhaus. 

We hemmed and hawed with all sorts of options, and finally went with a large-size sectional L-shaped sofa.  We splurged in the comfort department and opted for down-filled cushions.  On the practical side of things, it has a fitted slipcover, so I can take it off and launder it if anything bad happens.  We can also order a different slipcover in the future if we decide white isn't working for us anymore.  Arhaus has carried this style for over 30 years, with plans to keep it in their stock forever, so we can order more pieces in the future if we happen to move.

Oh, and it seats about a dozen people if need be (hello in-laws!) - or at least both of us and the dog all sprawled out! 

And we love it!  It feels like it was made for this room, and it makes the room so much more functional.  We can see the lake, the kitchen, and even the TV (though it is 20' away...).

I topped it off with my Caribbean scrap pillows.  We kept the coffee table (love the storage) and tiny rug.  If you look close, you'll also see Lucky's toy basket hiding in the corner.

You might also notice a new picture ledge and snazzy curtains - more on those soon!

While it's by far the priciest piece of furniture we've ever bought, it's also our favorite!  Well worth the money, if you ask me :)

Are there any pricy pieces of furniture you've been glad you bought?  Share below!


  1. LOVE white, geometric designs versus floral, solid colors (wonderful to create/change different looks. Black is such an elegant touch to any décor. The curtains look terrific & vibrant. They add that punch needed in all décor.
    Personal photos add that personal touch which so many people forget when decorating. It makes a house feel like a home. Have you thought of a few digital photo albums for the coffee table depicting some of your fun trips especially those to the Caribbean!
    This room looks AMAZING!!! CONGRATS!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Lourdes! Thanks for all the wonderful compliments! We have a photo album from our wedding, but I'm in the process of making one annually of all our other adventures. Right now most of our photos are of us, but we're hoping to add more of friends and family soon - I'm looking forward to switching them out with the seasons.

  2. Yes!!! You are so 200% right about this.
    My last apartment in Alexandria had such an awkward living room. I always wanted to buy an L-shaped sofa to make the space work...but never did. I am convinced that would have solved so many issues. Your living room looks great!!

  3. Maybe it is worth your money after all since you love it so much and it fits your living room perfectly. Good read.


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