Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Living Room Update: Curtains

These lovely curtains were the very first thing we changed when we bought our house.  Mauve, beige, plaid, and dog-pee-stained, no thank you!!!  We moved in and they moved out.

And then it took me six months to pick out new ones.  I considered making my own, but when I saw these Scribble Window Panels in midnight blue in the West Elm catalog, I couldn't turn them down!  At $35 a panel (after discounts), they were relatively affordable, so I ordered them!

Hanging them was quite the challenge (more on that soon).  Apparently a 20' span isn't a run-of-the-mill kind of curtain project.

They really make the room feel finished.  These curtains soften the room and simply make our home feel "us".  {sigh.}

I love how the waves mimic the motion in the lake out back.  I also love that they can block the view into our living room from the neighbor's deck!

They're a fun pattern, without being feminine.  They also tie in nicely with our beachy-without-actually-being-beachy living room theme.

They're a little overwhelming when totally closed, but we don't have them like that very often - only on super sunny afternoons so far.  

I haven't bothered to hem them yet, but I actually kind of like how they "break" on the floor.  I'm debating whether to sew the panels together.  If I don't we can choose to push them all the way to the sides or keep some in the middle.  But not sewn, they're more of a pain when you want to close them because you have to arrange each one just so.  I have bigger fish to fry right now, so they'll stay unsewn for a while longer.

Curtains really provide a lot of bang for the buck.  For a total project cost of $230, they gave a completely different feel to the room.  And a lot of privacy!  They also make a huge difference with solar radiation - if we close these when the sun is pouring in, it keeps the room a lot cooler.  So I'm smitten!

BTW, scroll back up to the first photo - I'm pretty excited over how far our home has come in the past year!


  1. It is really coming together! And it looks great. I didn't realize your deck was so huge!

    1. Thanks! It's really feeling like "home" these days :) That deck is what sealed the deal for us on this house. It makes it more of a lifestyle than just a small townhouse.

  2. I love your new curtains! Your room looks great!


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