Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Name Buttons

I hate going to a wedding and not knowing people or how they're related.  So when I saw this photo of a wedding, I knew I was on to something.

I dug our ancient Badge-A-Minit out of storage.  I couldn't believe they were still in business!  Thankfully they were, and I was able to order buttons and plastic covers.

So the buttons would coordinate, I printed off pages of seating cards from our print-at-home invitation set.  Then I ran them back through the printer and printed the names on them.  Relatives got special treatment, like "Aunt Cathy" and "Cousin Brianna".  I assembled the buttons during some down time on a weekend trip to the mountains. 

Then I printed seating cards on cardstock, this time with the table name. Having the table names separate from the guest names meant that I could match them up mere days before the wedding, if the seating chart was still changing.

My Mom's family (thank you guys!!!) did the last-minute matching, applying the buttons to the seating cards.

They were laid on a table at the entrance to the reception.  

I couldn't believe how many people wore them, but I think it helped the families mesh a little better and get to know each other!  

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  1. The name tags were such a good idea. You know how it is: even if you do know most names (which I didn't) it is a social relief to not have to stumble around trying to remember on the spur of the moment. Having them all color coordinated with the evening's theme was simply beautiful.


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