Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Project FAIL: Spring bulbs

Back in the fall I merrily grabbed a few bags of bulbs to add color to our yard at the first sign of spring.  Yellow daffodils and blue hyacinths would be so pretty...

I read the packaging and realized you plant them 5" deep.  Wowzers.  Out came the big shovel.

I dug a long trench in front of the azaleas, plopped in the bulbs, and covered them up.  Easy peasy.

Finally, they're up!  The daffodils are beautiful, healthy, and in full bloom!  The hyacinths aren't far behind.

But remember that trench I dug?  Looks like it was a tad close to those azaleas.  Whoopsies!

It's not a total loss - after they bloom and the foliage is on the way out, I'll dig everything up and move it somewhere not so ridiculous.  But this year?  Fail.

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