Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lantern and ornaments centerpiece

Remember all those lanterns I used as our wedding centerpieces?

Lantern, chrome coral, and shell navy blue and coral wedding table setting

Here's where we get to reuse* them!  {Sorry, but I didn't have a photo of both types of lanterns}

This project was ridiculously easy.  I bought two 8-packs of ornaments from Michael's and put them in a lantern.

Ta da!

Lantern filled with ornaments Christmas centerpiece

By the way, I’m sharing this at the Dare to DIY party hosted by Decor and the DogMaybe MatildaNewly Woodwards, and Two Twenty One!

*I didn't like the idea of throwing tons of stuff away, so I planned most of our wedding decor to be reuseable.  I'm looking forward to many future projects with our wedding leftovers!

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  1. OMGosh; that is gorgeous. I need to tap into family cleverness.

  2. love it BB! and I see Tommy's new quail peeking out! wonder how some guinea feathers tipped in glitter or something would look?

  3. I LOVE WEDDING LEFTOVER PROJECTS! I'm yelling because I want you to know just how much I love wedding leftover projects. We had a Christmas wedding, so we have tons of Christmas wedding leftovers that we use every year. I love that! I smile each year I pull out the lanterns and ornaments and pew bows.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY!


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