Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wedding Dress Wednesday: The Big Reveal

Wedding Dress Wednesdays are guest posts written by my Mom, Janet

When our daughter Bonnie was born, my friend gave me some tiny dresses, almost doll size!  Bonnie was a pretty big baby (8lbs.12oz), so when she was a few weeks old, I started putting them on her and taking pictures!

My husband laughed, “you dress her up like a doll!”  Sure, it’s fun!  And look how cute she is!

Then I started sewing for her.  I learned to smock, and I made tons of cute outfits for her.  By the time she was in grade school, she preferred store bought clothes, but we still made party dresses, costumes and swim suits.  Then, in high school she re-discovered my talents.  She realized that store bought gowns were not well made, had crappy fabrics and didn’t fit her figure.  I was ‘in’ again!  :)

I always told her, “when you get married, I’ll make any dress you can dream up!”

I used to sew for the public and made lots of wedding gowns over the years.  But doing Bonnie’s gown has been the most special thing – ever!  I’m so happy we decided not to buy a dress, and I really enjoyed the process and working as a team.  For months we discussed whatever daily issues came up.  Of course, the dress was just one thing out of a hundred that had to be taken care of for the wedding! 

Well, if you have been following this blog – you have read about designing the dress, picking fabrics, making and testing the pattern, tweaking the details, beading, all the disasters and joys of making my daughter’s wedding gown! 

It was fun to show our family how it was all coming along.  The Groom’s mother swore he would cry when he saw the bride!  I don’t think he did – he was so excited he couldn’t sleep!  But I do know he was wowed!  You can see in all the photos – both of them are just glowing!! 

Enjoy the photos and I hope you have enjoyed our journey.  Congratulations Bonnie and Tommy!

Love, MOM

Here are a few photos of the journey:

we shopped for inspiration
found a pattern to start from (a vintage 80's pattern no less!)

shopped the garment district for the perfect fabric and lace
tweaked the pattern
did lots of fittings, some long-distance
added accessories and beading to finish the look

and took care of some last-minute issues

And finally it was ready for the wedding!!!  A sweetheart strapless fit and flare beaded lace wedding dress with ruffled train!  (These beautiful images are by Whitney Huynh Photography)


  1. Wow, we did it!! Love Ya! MOM

  2. That dress is one of my all time favorites. You guys are GREAT!

  3. It's been a real treat to look forward to the Wednesday posts. We had a wonderful wedding week with the family and this just extends the glow. Love, auntie g


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