Monday, October 1, 2012

Dyeing for a change

My beautiful wedding dress has been getting a lot of press on this blog lately, but I really adored my "reception" dress, too!  Did you know I bought it before we were engaged?  Yep, I liked it that much!  It also had pockets and was on sale - no way was I passing that up!

It's comfy, flattering, fun, and very "Bonnie".  It was perfect to change into at the wedding so I could dance more freely.

But what the heck can I do with an ivory cocktail dress outside of my own wedding?  10-year high school reunion?  Date?  Certainly not a bridal shower or someone else's wedding!

I really like the dress, but the color just isn't working for me.

I've been doing some research online, and a company called Dharma Trading Company specializes in dyes for all sorts of uses, including silk and polyester!  While it sounds like a somewhat difficult (and risky!!!) project, it's inexpensive and it seems like plenty of people are doing it.

Some risks include shrinkage (you have to get the water super hot), thread and zippers not taking the color, it turning out a weird color, or ruining the garment altogether. 

I will probably find one or two occasions to wear this dress in ivory.  In another color, though, it could be great for all sorts of fancy events!  Is it worth it???

Let's assume it is.  Here are some options for colors, with dresses so you can get an idea of how it might look when it's all said and done.  All the colors are either Fiber Reactive or Acid Dye from Dharma's web site.  The dresses are from all over, but links are in the captions.

Red, pinks, and corals are some of my favorite colors.  They're really fun and energetic.  That said, pink and red dresses aren't always appropriate for weddings, which is where I'd probably wear this dress most often.


Greens are very pretty, but don't always suit my skin tone.  If the dye turned out to be dulled down, I could see where it might look ugly.  Greens are quite flexible as to where you can wear them though.  And always great for a Christmas party!!!


Blues are super classic.  They'd probably look OK if they didn't turn out very bright.  I look good in all blues.  They're good for weddings, dates, anything really.  But they might be a little boring for such an interesting dress.


Purple, grey, beige, and brown - these all seem like off-the-beaten path options, but appealing ones!  I'm not sure how I look in them, and I could see them going out of style.  They're quite flexible though, and can always be paired with pretty accessories!


So what do you think?  Should I dye the dress?  If so, what color???


  1. Great article! I wouldn't dye your gorgeous dress. Off white is a good year around dress & the accesories will always give it a different look/punch. Is just a classic & elegant color as well as versatile & a must in every wardrobe. Now, if you're wearing it mostly for weddings then I can see why the dye. If I were to dye it, then I would go with a fuchsia or electric blue/cobalt. I love the jewel tone palette...hugs...

  2. I vote for the blue family, and a bold one if you can do it. If anyone has experience in this, please let us know!


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