Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lemon Cake

I volunteered to make my future-mother-in-law's birthday cake this year.   A little bird told me that she loves lemon, so I decided to make her a lemon cake!

Some light googling led me to this lemon cake recipe, and the comments made it sound easy and no-fail, so it was an easy choice.  I'd never made a cake from scratch though, so I was a little anxious how it would come out.

lemon cake ingredients

My kitchen aid mixer was awesome for this project, as many steps require mixing for several minutes.  I was also happy I had my handy dandy zester, which made zesting all those lemons much easier!

The cake came out a little dry, but that may have been due to forgetting the step of dousing the cake in lemon syrup right when it comes out of the oven.  I did this step the next morning, and the syrup didn't soak into the cake well.

However...the icing was AMAZING.  I really could have eaten the entire bowl of it.

lemon cake

In the end, the cake turned out pretty well, and my future-mother-in-law was happy!  Success!

PS: This cake is also delicious for breakfast!

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