Friday, March 9, 2012

Renewed Peacoat Lining

I got a great grey peacoat from the Gap Outlet about seven years ago.  It's been my go-to coat for mild winter days or times when I need to wear something a little fancier than a ski jacket.

Peacoat in action on a cute date at the Kennedy Center in Washingon, DC

This year, though, it started looking a little rough.  The wool on the outside has worn wonderfully, and still looks new.  The lining is a different story.  The pockets are completely shredded and unuseable, and the inner lining is slowly disentegrating.

It looks even worse in person

I had a new peacoat on my shopping list for the past six months, and had even browsed for one last winter, but I never saw anything that seemed just right.  They were all too long, bulky, artsy (weird collars), or cheap looking.

Thus was born the idea of simply fixing the coat I already own!  I was originally considering completely replacing the lining, but my mom and my best friend talked me out of it.  It would be too much work and a genuine pain in the ass.

Because the entire lining wasn't wearing out, just the bottom, I decided that I could patch it.

A trip to Hancock Fabrics yielded a lovely floral fabric that feels like lining (1 yd.), Pellon wonder-under transfer web (i.e., double stick iron on stuff for fabric, 2 yds.), and some cute flannel (1/3 yd).  I wanted the inside to still be silky so it would move nicely over my clothes.  I got the flannel for the pocket lining.  You never see it, and the flannel seemed like it would be soft and snuggly.

I ironed the transfer web to large sections of the fabric, then cut out one edge along the flowers.  The other edges I trimmed to fit perfectly over the old lining.  I pinned the piece in well, and ironed it on.  I then repeated this for the other side of the coat.  To finish it off in a fun way, I cut out complete flowers and ironed them on top of everything, sometimes covering the wool.  I apologize that I didn't take intermediate pictures!  I just got so caught up in all the fun.

Floral lined peacoat

Next I tackled the pockets.  They were clearly unacceptable as-is.

 I cut out the existing lining to get a fresh start.  One of the pockets wasn't too bad, so I used it as a template to cut the new lining.  I traced them and then added a generous seam allowance.

 Next I pinned the new lining into the coat.  I really had to wrestle to get it in there, but the pinning was well worth it later!

pin twice, sew once!

I sewed as much of the seams as possible with my sewing machine, because it makes a stronger stitch.  I had to really wrestle all the fabric to get under the presser foot, and I was terrified I would sew my finger, but it ended up OK in the end.  Plus, the seams are all inside this coat, so who cares if they look a little wonky?

see?  you can't tell it's wonky inside!
I finished the seams by hand, and ... ta da!  New pockets!!!

I'm really happy that I won't feel like a rat chewed up my coat anymore, and I'm super excited about the snuggly pockets!

Altogether, this project cost a whopping total of $13, and took about two hours (which includes a tea break).  I didn't even use up all of my materials.

I'd say that beats $100-$200 and six months of shopping for a new coat!!!  And who knows?  Maybe the floral lining trend will be the next big thing.


  1. wow, that looks so much better! And a fun smile every time you put it on! Keep an eye on the leading raw edges, if they start to act up, maybe some 'fray check' liquid would be good. It drys invisibly and does what it's name implies.

  2. That's really cute! I'm still wearing the same pea coat that I got right after high school. But it doesn't get much wear in Houston :) I actually don't think I have worn it at all this year.

  3. That lining is stunning! Very inspiring.

    Mary Holmes


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