Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Family Established Sign

My family loved the idea my in-laws had about doing a secret santa gift exchange, with the requirement that the gift be under $10 and be either funny or creative.  We're all getting together for a wedding the week after Christmas, so we decided to copy their idea!

I drew the groom-to-be as my giftee, but I don't know him very well!  Given that, I decided to stray from the funny gifts and instead focus on something nice for their newlywed home.

I keep seeing these "Family Established" signs on pinterest and etsy, and I got one for my parents 30th anniversary last year.  The pre-made ones are beyond the $10 price range, but I thought surely I could make something similar for less!

$40 on etsy

I decided to print out the sign on cardstock and display it in a nice frame with a mat surrounding it.

First I used my awesome powerpoint skills to create the wording.  I went through lots of fonts and placement for the words (haven't you heard how I'm not actually creative, I just use trial and error tenaciously?), and finally decided on an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Then I took my 40% off coupon to the craft store and found a pretty frame that already included a mat.

I stuck my cardstock in the frame, made sure it was straight, and voila!  Beautiful Christmas newlywed gift for under $10!

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