Friday, June 9, 2017

Fun idea for Father's Day - Storyworth

I'm really excited about the Father's Day gift I'm giving my Dad this year.  As a child, I would always ask him to "tell me a story I've never heard".  He had so many interesting stories from his childhood to share!

Storyworth is a service that sends weekly writing prompts to the storyteller.  They write a response to each one, and at the end of a year they are compiled and made into a keepsake book.  You can also get additional books if there are several people interested in keeping the stories.  The storyteller can choose to share their stories online with anyone they add to their list.  I can't wait for my Dad to get started!

His wedding anniversary is the same week as Father's Day, so the first writing prompt is about his wedding day.  Some others coming up are about family vacations, weathering hurricanes, and his grandparents.

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