Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easy Boppy Cover Tutorial

We've been really blessed to inherit a ton of gently-used baby stuff.

One thing I'm looking forward to using is a Boppy pillow.  The Boppy and cover that comes with it are both washable, but I wanted a fresh and cute new cover.  Mom offered to make one while she was in town visiting.

The Boppy cover is made of three pieces of fabric and a long zipper.  It looked like it could be simplified though, especially if we used knit instead of a non-stretchy fabric.

We bought 3/4 of a yard of knit fabric and a 20-inch zipper for the project.

Using the original cover as a pattern, she cut out C-shaped pieces from a cute polka-dot knit.  She glossed over that third piece in the original pattern.

She pinned the two sides together, sewed it around the edge, and installed the zipper.  She made sure to use a stretch needle to get a nice stitch.

She snipped the seam allowance inside the C so that it would allow for more give.

And then we had a brand new boppy cover!  This one is fresh and new, and much softer than the original. 

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    1. The zipper goes in the seam for the outside curve, so it's not against your body.


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