Monday, March 31, 2014

Basement Remodel: Light at the End of the Tunnel

It's been another week of progress around here, and things are looking much different!

Recessed Lighting

  • We now have receptacles for six recessed lights in the basement!
  • Hopefully they don't look like this once it's all said and done
  • I also noticed while taking photos for this post that they drywalled over one of the lights!


Other Electrical

  • We moved the patio light upstairs to be centered between the sliding doors
  • We added a light downstairs
  • The kids bathroom upstairs had the vent fan and light on the same switch, so you were forced to use the fan at all times.  We had the fan put on its own switch.  Silence is golden!


Sliding doors fixed

  • The door guys came out and fixed the issue with the handles being different heights
  • The doors being 1/2" different is not easy to fix, and was a result of all the water damage, so it looks like we're simply stuck with that issue.



  • Drywall is on the ceiling, water damaged walls, and places where we demoed walls
  • It's looking like a real room!



  • There used to be a rigged-up method for watering the plants on the upper deck.  It was a 2" plastic hose threaded through the deck and attached with a 2x4 to the house.  It looked really amateur.
  • The plumber put a real pipe in the exterior wall of the house and added a real spigot on the upper deck.  Once the siding guys come through, it'll all be pretty and perfect!


Waterproofing and windproofing

  • New insulation went into the water damaged wall
  • New doors and windows were sealed with special tape and foam to keep the water out

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  1. Love to see how ya'll doing with the house improvementing!! I miss doing that !


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