Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Resolutions

I think 2013 ended up being sort of a "resting year" for us.  We traveled a good bit, but nowhere super exotic.  We worked on the house a bit.  Aside from getting pregnant, it was a pretty low-key year (in a good way).  I'm thankful to be wrapping up the year with healthy and happy friends and family, and I'm really excited about what all might happen in 2014!

I had five resolutions for 2013, and did good on 2.5 of them.  I volunteered 50 hours.  We traveled out of the country twice (BVI and Canada), and within the country a few times ton (Orlando, Houston, Los Angeles, Captiva FL, Alabama, South Carolina, rural PA, Ocean City MD, and NYC).  I was doing well being healthy and active until I got pregnant and felt horrible for months.  I didn't do so well on maintaining our home as a refuge or keeping up with friends.

So on that note, here are my 2014 resolutions!

1. Maintain health: I plan to get in 15 minutes of exercise (even walking the dog) every day, and focus on eating nutritious foods.

2. Finish the big projects in our house: Namely, the nursery and the basement.  Both are indescribably awful at the moment, and are causing undue stress in our lives.  Right now I'm staring at mountains of stuff from the bedrooms (piled all over the dining and living room) because we're getting new carpet upstairs.  I really want for stuff like this to not happen anymore, especially once the baby is here!

3. Make our home our refuge: Same as last year, I want our home to be inviting and relaxing, not a source of stress.  Maybe we'll hire a housekeeper, or make a chore list, but something needs to give! 

4. Maintain relationships: This includes visiting my family at least once after the baby arrives, seeing our local family in person at least once a month, and connecting with friends at least once a month.  I think one thing that would really help this is getting decent bluetooth in my car.  I have a long commute, and being able to catch up on the way home would make it easier to keep in touch with people.

5. Start a business:  I have the idea, I just need to get rolling on testing and implementation!

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