Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding Wednesdays

Wowee, a lot of folks got engaged over the holidays!  Since I never got around to sharing all my wedding projects, what better time than now?

Back in August and September, my Mom shared all the details about making my wedding dress.

This time, it's a little different!  I'll be sharing the ins and outs of other wedding projects I did, from cloth napkin wedding favors, to the wreaths for the church, centerpieces, invitations, and more!

I was completely exhausted after the wedding.  I know it wouldn't have felt like a "Bonnie" wedding if I hadn't DIYed so much stuff, but it was truly a monumental undertaking, and not one I'd suggest lightly.  That said, I hope some of my ideas are inspirational are can show you creative ways to save money.  Some might not actually help the bottom line, but just be fun ways to personalize a wedding.  Now that it's been six months, we've finally taken our honeymoon, and I have some amazing photos from the photographer, I can't wait to share!

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  1. A friend of mine asked me about the napkins, just last night! Her daughter is getting married in June and wants to add some custom touches. She is buying random vintage looking plates, so we thought the napkins would be great!


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