Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

One thing that's been fun about marriage is combining traditions from each of our families.  Tommy's family reads "The Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve.  Mine has a very special Christmas Tree.

For every important occasion, like a birth or marriage, graduation, trip, or even the hobby of the year, we get an ornament for the tree.  When we decorate the tree, we talk about the stories behind every ornament, and get to share and relive our fondest memories.

Here are a few special ones this year:

My first Christmas
My fifth Christmas
The beach where we got engaged (this one was a gift last Christmas)
Commemorating our Southern trips and wedding last year (also a gift)
A silly one, but this one is from the time I got hired for a night to work on a shrimp boat
No, they don't really match each other or have a theme, but they all come together to create a fond group of memories.  I'm looking forward to adding plenty more with my husband!

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