Thursday, February 13, 2014

Easy Dinners with eMeals

Between a basement reno, two full-time jobs, and growing a baby, there hasn't been a lot of spare time lately for me to focus on cooking.  But we still need to eat, albeit easily and affordably!

A long time ago, I signed us up for eMeals.  It's a subscription service that sends me a week worth of meals at a time, complete with recipes and a shopping list.  I hate thinking up what to cook, and having a bunch of food go to waste.  eMeals is perfect for me because they decide what we're going to eat (we're not picky, and if a recipe doesn't look good, I just skip it), and they also coordinate their recipes to make sure you use up ingredients.

I used to make their recipes most nights of the week, but I really haven't been able to spend time cooking lately.  Easy fix - I switched to their slow cooker recipes!  They are easy to prep and make a ton of servings, so I can spend 30 minutes prepping a dish one day, and we can eat it four times that week.  It's also saving us a ton of money because we're not getting expensive prepared freezer meals every night, and we're not eating out.  Seriously, says we're spending half what we usually do.

So if you're like me, and spend every evening scraping wallpaper in your basement, I suggest their Slow Cooker plan!  Or if you're trying to do Clean Eating, they have a great plan for that too.  I also like their Paleo, Vegetarian, and Mediterranean plans.  I switch up what we get every few months just for fun.

It's been fun to be challenged to try new things and new ingredients.  Before doing their Clean Eating plan, I never knew how much fresh lemons or herbs could improve a recipe!

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