Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Small Space Solution: IKEA Hemnes as a Buffet

It looks like we finally have some easily-accessible storage in our little dining room!

Remember all that junk that was constantly taking over our dining space?  No more!

This handy guy is less than 9" deep, and because it doesn't have back legs, fits snugly against the wall.  The slim design allowed us to have something like a buffet in our dining room.

Except, it's not a buffet.  It's an IKEA Hemnes that's actually made to hold shoes!  Rather than drawers, the compartments tilt out for access.  My computer and accessories nicely fit in one compartment.  We have magazines in another, and there are still two empty that we can use for whatever may come.

At $100, I'm really happy with this new addition to the dining room!  It's cute, sturdy, slim, and holds all the stuff.  Perfect!

I have to be honest though, this thing was a complete pain to build and install.

Tommy has a LOT of experience building IKEA stuff (his 10-person office is all IKEA), but it took him a several days to build this thing.

Then, when we went to install it, the back didn't quite clear the molding.  What do you do when your IKEA Hemnes is too short for the molding?  Add length to the legs!

I bought 6 different options at the hardware store (everything from wooden buttons to drawer pulls), and plain wooden drawer pulls ended up winning.  I spray painted them with plain ol' primer, and affixed them with wood glue.  If this piece were going to move around much, I would have used something stronger, but since it's screwed into the wall and the knobs will only have vertical force on them, I think the wood glue will do just fine.

There's more staging to be done, but I'm pretty excited about the ducks!  We have lots of wildlife on the lake behind our house, but the ducks are our favorites.  Now we get to have them inside, too!

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