Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dining Room Update: Getting Worse Before it Gets Better

Not like you can tell, but we've been making progress on the dining room!  I ordered almost everything we'll need to set up the room.  Most of it has arrived, but is still in boxes because first I need to paint.

Lucky is not impressed.

The suggested paint color was Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.  It was supposed to be lighter than the Rainwashed we used in the living room, but in reality it's just a little greener and only 4 LRV points different.  We felt like the colors would be so similar that it would look like something was wrong with the paint in one room, or that the lighting was weird.

My next idea was to go for a different cool neutral, but one that was markedly lighter than the living room or kitchen.  Site White seemed like a good choice.

I bought a sample quart and painted a bit in various spots around the room.  It was awful once it dried.  Something about the texture of the walls and the lighting with this color made the room look dingy and dirty.  It also felt too cold.

So then we considered a warm neutral, Kestrel White.

Much better!  I bought the gallon and now I just need to paint!

Once I get all this other stuff out of here... (keeping it real)

this is driving me nuts!

I have about a dozen boxes from everything I ordered, a new piece of furniture for the guest room, and a thousand warm neutral paint swatches.

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  1. Hilarious.. I am staying tuned for your project details...


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