Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Ribbon Table Runners

Worried that our tables would look a little plain with just the basic navy tablecloths, I decided to add runners.  I didn't want just any runner though, I wanted them to be kind of cool!  I ended up using lengths of coral ribbon to mimic a table runner.

My Mom found huge 50 yard rolls of satin ribbon for $5 each in the garment district of Los Angeles.  Score!

I spent a evening in front of Say Yes to the Dress cutting them all the desired length.  I wanted them to hang over the table edges, but not drag the floor, so I added five feet to the diameter of each table.  For example, on a 60" table (five feet), I added another five feet, and cut ten-foot lengths of ribbon.

Each table got five or six mismatched ribbons, depending on how they all looked together.  I wrapped the cut lengths around paper towel tubes so they wouldn't get wrinkled, and put them in individual ziploc bags labeled with the table size.  That way my wedding set-up folks could easily get them on the correct tables.

They were secured with double-stick tape for good measure.

I just love how bright and whimsical they turned out!

Any guesses on what color the ribbons on my Christmas gifts were this year?  You better believe those ribbons are getting recycled!

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