Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Autumn Yarn Wreath

Last year I saw this amazing wreath on Pinterest, and vowed I'd make one of my own this year.
Argyle Wreath by Itz Fitz

Because I have a lot of other projects going on right now, I looked into buying it on Etsy.  At $45, it's reasonably priced.  I was really inspired by the other wreaths in the sellers shop - they're beautiful!

Yarn Wreaths by Itz Fitz

My only qualm was that the ones I really liked were only 12" in diameter and I felt like they would be too small for our door.  Solution: DIY!

I started with a 16" extruded styrofoam wreath from Michael's.  These forms are really skinny, so I beefed it up a little with strips I cut from quilt batting.  I used about a yard of quilt batting, cut into 4" strips.  I wound these around the form, making a total of three layers.

Next I gently wrapped a thick, chunky yarn around and around the padded form.  I took the whole skein of yarn to cover the entire wreath!

Yarn wrapped wreath
yarn wrapped wreath

To add some quirky fun to the wreath, I made some flowers from wire-edged ribbon.  I pulled the wire on one edge to gather up the ribbon, then rolled it up to make roses.  This was incredibly easy and required zero sewing.  Score!

roses made from wired ribbon

My spool of ribbon had enough yardage to make three flowers.  I hot glued the flowers onto the wreath.  I nabbed some feathers from a hideous floral arrangement that was left in our house by the last owners and was destined for the trash.

bunched feathers

I accentuated the flowers with the feathers by hot gluing them in place.

yarn wreath with ribbon flowers and feathers

And that was that!  Time for the front door!

autumn yarn wreath with ribbon flowers and feathers

autumn yarn wreath with ribbon flowers and feathers

I'm so happy I tried this project!  It turned out exactly like I had imagined it.  It took about one hour and cost less than $20 for all the materials.  What a great kickoff to the season.

How are you decorating for fall?

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  1. awesome, looks great. Love the chunky yarn. Have you seen how you can use a pool noodle as wreath form? I suppose they're not in stores now but what a great idea, I used one for a wreath i made, worked well.
    And i've never thought to use the wire ribbon, good idea.


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