Monday, July 16, 2012

Bridesmaid Gifts: Pink Robes with Rhinestone Initial

I wanted to give my bridesmaids something fun that theycould use both for the wedding and for years to come.  What better than cute robes!  We all wore them getting ready on the big day, and I hope they'll enjoy them once they're all back home (if they aren't sick of "Bonnie Pink" yet, that is!).

I found the robes early on in the planning experience, but knew right away they were perfect.  I had considered making them myself, but was actually able to say no to myself for once!  No extra wedding projects!!!  Anyways, if you're in the market, stores like Victoria's Secret, Kohl's, Target, etc., might have just what you're looking for.

Mom found the rhinstone initials at a bridal wholesaler while shopping for my wedding dress fabric, but they're available at your local craft store, too.

After deciding where to place the initial, I started with my robe just in case I screwed it up.  Some light googling returned decent instructions on how to apply them.

First peel off the backing.

Next, place the letter where you want it.

Then cover with a cloth you don't care about, and press with a medium-hot iron (no steam) for 15-20 seconds.  (I tried it without the cloth and got glue on my iron, so following instructions is important here.)

Then flip the fabric over, cover with the cloth, and press for another 15-20 seconds from the back, just to make sure the glue adhered well.

Wait for it to cool, then remove the sticky part!  Ta da!

bling bling!
Don't we look adorable???

personalized bridesmaids robes, photo by Whitney Huynh


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